Yoram Raanan

Menorah of Hope - Yoram  Raanan

Menorah of Hope, 2019

acrylic on canvas  
100 x 80 cm
39 x 31 in

Raanan began this painting by spreading handfuls of transparent glass beads suspended in clear acrylic gel with his hands over the canvas in the shape of a menorah. Over this, he playfully added iridescent pale gold that formed the abstract branches of the menorah. Onto this he poured pearlescent blue silver intermingled with magenta and red. The dancing yellow gold flames flames look like angels emerging from deep waters. The glass beads dispersed over the canvas, add subltle texture and create a reflective quality. The menorah looks like it is suspended in water, mirroring the heavens. The red tones bring it down to earth as an enduring symbol of hope planted by streams of water.

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