Yoram Raanan

Talisman - Yoram  Raanan

Talisman, 2019

acrylic on canvas  
90 x 70 cm
35 x 28 in

This painting has a whimsical magical charm. It is abstract yet figurative. Actually a talisman is an object, or a person that is thought to have magic powers and bring good fortune. In Jewish religious practice a tallis (tallit) is a fringed garment traditionally worn as a prayer shawl. The tallis has special twined fringes attached at the corners. We see in the painting that the fringes seem to hang over the face of a suggested figure. A tallis is usually made from wool. The bottom area of this painting has a woolly, dry brush technique and suggestions of sheep. There is a wide range of grays between the stark black and white areas, with drips and splashes that activate the canvas. Kabbalah teaches that the tallis garment, which wraps around us, is a metaphor for G-d's infinite transcendent light.

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