Chani Cohen Zada

Upside down - Chani  Cohen Zada

Upside down, 2016

oil on linen mounted on wood  
48 x 48 cm
19 x 19 in

This vision (the longing to be in touch with heaven, which the artist considers to be the very purpose of the soul) is expressed in the work entitled Upside Down (2016), which was inspired by the Midrash: “I saw a world upside down. The upper was below and the lower was above.” The painting’s composition merges a porcelain bowl with a hollow ornate candlestick into a hexagonal shape reflecting a Star of David, whose six corners indicate the cardinal directions. The round frame emphasizes a shape that can exist in different angles on an axis of 360 degrees. As such, the Star of David is emblematic of a pattern that is not fixed. Its center conceals the inner point, the spiritual chore that remains physically unreachable to us. As opposed to a perception dictated by the senses, the artist offers a reversed look on existence: Rather than attributing high importance to matter, the point of gravity lies in the spirit. (from Rachel Verliebter, "Apprehending Paradox: The Knowledge of Opposites is One")

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